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Prof. Loredana Padurean

Keynote Speaker and Global Academic Leader

Associate Dean Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan

Welcome to my personal website! My name is Prof. Loredana Padurean and I am the Associate Dean and Faculty Director for Action Learning at Asia School of Business established in May 2015, in collaboration with MIT Sloan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I am passionate about teaching & public speaking on Entrepreneurship & SMART skills & Action Learning.

I am currently working on an upcoming book on “Nailing, Scaling, Sailing - Evolutionary Entrepreneurship”.



2200 people at TedEx Cluj Napoca - What if?

The largest TEDx in SE Europe took place in Cluj Napoca on June 29, 2019 at Sala Polivalenta, on the theme “What if?” I spoke on “What if you’d know what the journey of becoming an entrepreneur looks like?’

I have to admit that facing an audience of over 2200 people is not something that I know how to prepare for, but one thing I really tried to achieve was to acknowledge every section in this room, even though I was hard to see all the way in the back.

956 - TEDx Cluj - 29.06.2019 - © Nicu Cherciu - NIK_4976.jpg

The amazing thing about this convention center and this people was that even at this size we the speakers could feel the love from the audience. Thank you Cluj Napoca, I had a blast!

TedX Cluj Napoca “What if”

TedX Cluj Napoca “What if”

Enough with 'Soft' and 'Hard' Skills—Let’s Get Smart and Sharp Instead

I am very proud that AACSB and MIT Sloan Experts published my recent article on challenging the semantics of Soft and Hard and bring a much needed update to the classical 70’s definition of skills. In this article we propose a new framework that we define as “Smart” and “Sharp”. Read more about it on the MIT website and visit my Smart and Sharp page.

The Future of Work Alumni Alliance Conference

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AI, automation and robots are fundamentally changing the work humans do and the relationship between humans and machine. Business leaders, innovators, scientist, politicians, economists as well as civil society, academia, and other stakeholders, all agree that the world around us is changing – but how?

At the Future of Work Conference in Malaysia, leaders, thinkers, innovators, disruptors were challenged to think what that means for us? Read more at https://www.alumnialliance.co

I attended the Technology panel (one of the four key panel sessions: Public Policy; Finance and Economics; Education & Human Capital and Technology) where I stated that while companies collect significant amount of data, they don’t always know what to do about it and they don’t maximize the wealth of knowledge they capture from their clients.  

What is the agenda for humanity? MIT TR

Loredana Padurean MIT Insights

Emerging technology and innovative models for leadership.

Like those in nearly all sectors and industries, higher education leaders have been watching the rise of emerging technology and giving careful consideration as to how it will impact their environment in the years ahead. “In a sense, we’ve been telling our students for the past decade or so that AI is coming,” says Prof. Loredana Padurean, Associate Dean at the Asia School of Business, a collaboration between MIT Sloan School of Management and Malaysia’s Bank Negara. “But now that AI is here, our industry is not really prepared to deal with it. Many of our students have a higher level of expertise than most schools are ready for.” Read more at https://mit-insights.ai/higher-education-in-the-age-of-ai/

“In your skin” with Freda Liu

Freda Liu , BFM, recently launched her 5th book "In your skin" in which she features various different women (including myself) that despite their insecurities have become "bien dans sa peau" that are comfortable in their own skin, that have a je ne sais quoi spirit, confidence that oozes from every pore. Freda Liu is asking "How do we get to that stage of confidence?" Read some of my contribution here.

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At ASB, Action Learning is our DNA.

As the Faculty Director for Action Learning at ASB, I am extremely proud that our program is considered by Poets&Quants the most innovative MBA in the world thanks to the action learning curriculum design. Recently, AACSB published a new article on how our MBA students spend about a third of their time in action learning projects that are based all over the world. Read more about it and visit the AL page on this site.

Special Feature - The BFM 99.8 Interview 

Freda Liu and I talked about success, entrepreneurship and leadership, my research and so much more! Full Interview! 

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The MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management (EPGM)

Just wrapped up a week of Executive Education with EPGM! Had such a great and productive time exploring the Jungles, Mountains and Oceans of the entrepreneurial journey! Thanks everyone who made this course so memorable!

Loredana EPGM14.jpg

Watch my video presentation! So excited!

MIT TECH REVIEW Keynote speaker CX Leaders Council 2018 – Asia Pacific OCTOBER 25, 26, 2018 | PT. DOUGLAS, AUSTRALIA

“Humans + bots: Tension and opportunity - blending human and AI skills”

My friends from MIT TECH REVIEW invited me to keynote the annual Genesys conference and talk about the tension between humans and bots in the age of AI. Best conference ever!!

Keynote Speaker at the Genesys conference in Port Douglas, Australia.

Keynote Speaker at the Genesys conference in Port Douglas, Australia.

The Ministry of Supply interview - A bold and unconventional thinker!

“When people hear that Loredana Padurean is a professor, their reaction is, "Really? You don't look like a professor!" They may be right, she’s much more than your average prof. With a resume that features 19 different jobs, including a stint as the “Fashion Police” on TV show in her native Romania, she is now an Associate Dean at the all new Asia School of Business, established in Kuala Lumpur in January 2015 in collaboration with MIT Sloan and the Central Bank of Malaysia.” Read more

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply

Loredana Padurean Rutgers Action Learning Keynote speaker


Nail it, Scale it, Sail it - Entrepreneurship & the Future of Work

Back to Bangkok for the #MIT IDE INNOVATION CHALLENGE. 12 teams from Asia competed for the coveted prize and the opportunity to go to MIT to go to the finals! Good luck to everyone! 

Loredana Padurean, Nail it, Scale it, Sail it

Read more

MIT Sloan - sasin action learning CONFERENCE bangkok 2018

Action Learning, a foundational pillar of the ASB teaching and learning approach

I was very excited to be in Bangkok at the #MITSasinActionLearning conference! MIT Sloan has collaborated with Sasin School of Management to host this event in Bangkok, Thailand on Action Learning. As an MIT Sloan Partner, Asia School of Business was invited to present our story of developing an innovative curriculum based on Action Learning.

Venturing to asia with vfa 

Venture for America Training Camp 2018 Detroit

Emily Preiss, ASB Admissions Director, Chelsea Koglemeier, ASB MBA2019 and VFA Fellow attended the 2018 VFA Bootcamp in #Detroit, led by their new and powerful CEO Amy Nelson! Meeting the new VFA class and learning more about their exceptional experiences was inspiring as always. I shared with them some lessons on my entrepreneurial journey, based on the framework that Prof. Fine and I refer to as "Nailing, Scaling, Sailing - A journey through jungles, mountains, oceans" and met possible ASB more candidates in the Detroit area interested in ASB and our story during a coffee chat.

Venture for America Loredana Padurean

To learn more about my school, visit Asia School of Business established in collaboration with MIT Sloan - the most innovative MBA program in the world and my most important professional endeavor at this point.