Prof. Loredana Padurean

Keynote Speaker and Global Academic Leader

Associate Dean Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan


Special Feature - The BFM 99.8 Interview 

Freda Liu and I talked about success, entrepreneurship and leadership, my research and so much more! Full Interview! 


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Keynote speaker CX Leaders Council 2018 – Asia Pacific OCTOBER 25, 26, 2018 | PT. DOUGLAS, AUSTRALIA

“Humans + bots: Tension and opportunity - blending human and AI skills”

Keynote Speaker at the Genesys conference in Port Douglas, Australia.

Keynote Speaker at the Genesys conference in Port Douglas, Australia.

The Ministry of Supply interview - A bold and unconventional thinker!

“When people hear that Loredana Padurean is a professor, their reaction is, "Really? You don't look like a professor!" They may be right, she’s much more than your average prof. With a resume that features 19 different jobs, including a stint as the “Fashion Police” on TV show in her native Romania, she is now an Associate Dean at the all new Asia School of Business, established in Kuala Lumpur in January 2015 in collaboration with MIT Sloan and the Central Bank of Malaysia.” Read more

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Enough with the Soft skills! Let's get SMART instead!

An executive workshop with Malaysian companies in collaboration with Invest KL. 


Nail it, Scale it, Sail it - Entrepreneurship & the Future of Work

Back to Bangkok for the #MIT IDE INNOVATION CHALLENGE. 12 teams from Asia competed for the coveted prize and the opportunity to go to MIT to go to the finals! Good luck to everyone! 

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MIT Sloan - sasin action learning CONFERENCE bangkok 2018

Action Learning, a foundational pillar of the ASB teaching and learning approach

I was very excited to be in Bangkok at the #MITSasinActionLearning conference! MIT Sloan has collaborated with Sasin School of Management to host this event in Bangkok, Thailand on Action Learning. As an MIT Sloan Partner, Asia School of Business was invited to present our story of developing an innovative curriculum based on Action Learning.

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Venturing to asia with vfa 

Venture for America Training Camp 2018 Detroit

As Emily Preiss, ASB Admissions Director, Chelsea Koglemeier, ASB MBA2019 and VFA Fellow and I are heading to the 2018 VFA Bootcamp in #Detroit, led by their new and powerful CEO Amy Nelson, we can't wait to meet the new class and learn more about their exceptional experiences. I will share with them some lessons on the entrepreneurial journey, a framework that Prof. Fine and I refer to as "Nailing, Scaling, Sailing - A journey through jungles, mountains, oceans" and we will also hope to meet more candidates in the Detroit area interested in ASB and our story during a coffee chat (free for registration).

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What's on my mind

Enough with the SOFT skills! Get SMART instead!

How is it that cognitive readiness, strategic and critical thinking, emotional maturity, leadership, adaptability, ethical and cultural sensitivities, self-awareness, political astuteness, etc. are usually called “soft skills” ? What's soft about managing diverse teams, perspectives and cultures, negotiating mergers, pitching new projects, presenting to various boards, handling and delivering critical feedback, dealing with office politics, conflicts and power distance, motivating staff to push forward, convincing investors to continue to believe in the mission, etc. etc. ?

More to come...