Unapologetically unconventional


Prof. Loredana Padurean, Keynote Speaker, Global Academic Leader, Passionate about Teaching Management & Entrepreneurship & Experiential Learning, Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan

I am passionate about teaching, my students, and the overall experience of learning!

Prior to joining ASB, I have taught undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Education courses in Operations Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Indian School of Business, Brandeis University, USI Lugano, and Lasell College. My most recent research focuses on Operations for Entrepreneurs and the development of principles for entrepreneurial companies to build operations strategies and capabilities consistent with their business objectives.


A great Socratic approach

"I am thoroughly enjoying the content and the format of the course, and [Loredana Padurean's] "socratic" and interactive teaching methodology in particular.  Having been a professor and in academia for over 2 decades, I am constantly trying to improve my own teaching methods by keenly observing colleagues and experts such as [Professor Padurean]."

Rated the top trainer at venture for america (VFA)

"Dynamic, engaging, thoughtful, thought provoking, and funny are some of the ways I'd describe Loredana's presentation abilities. I've had the pleasure of working with Loredana in various capacities over the years but really enjoy watching her present and train the most. She has been a highlight at Venture for America's Training Camp with her 'Nail it, Scale it, Sail it' training for many years and is consistently rated the top trainer by our Fellows (and they are harsh critics!). When she's not commanding a packed room, she is making time to connect with Fellows and VFAers any free chance she has. We are grateful to have her as a champion supporter, phenomenal mentor and teacher, and friend."

No comfort zone nearby

"Students achieve excellence only when pushed outside of their comfort zones; Loredana Padurean has the gift of doing exactly this. From the first moment in her classroom, high expectations of students are clearly established. In return, she maximizes the value of each session through a focused, professional, relevant and interactive classroom. Receiving her praise is like gold, as her standards are exceedingly high; and yet she finds the best in students’ work, helping them realize their potential. For me, she provided me as much knowledge during one semester as I gained “on the job” in online media during eight years."


Very few can command a room like Loredana.

"She is incredibly engaging and speaks with expertise, citing funny and highly relevant anecdotes throughout. I've worked with Loredana over the past four years and have seen her in action several times. Each time, I've learned something new, both about the subject matter (all things entrepreneurship) as well as how to present in a compelling way. Loredana is whip smart and solves the thorny problems that cause others to run. If you have the opportunity to work with Loredana or hear her speak, take it - it'll be one of your best decisions!"

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"I found the seminar extremely interesting and interactive. I reckon this experience as one of my best during my academic life as a student.  I have to confess that I was positively flabbergasted by Professor Padurean’s performance!"

listen to her ideas in the future!

"She slowly (and properly) opened our eyes to the world of operations and taught us the material - and more! I am so happy I took this course and I will suggest this class and this teacher to everyone I meet."


"Fantastic class structure, a true entrepreneurial environment!"

"This was honestly my favourite class and professor. The professor was very informative and knowledgable, and provided great hands on assignments. Everything from this class will definitely be used in the long run."

"One of the best professors on campus (Lasell). She is clear and concise about everything that she wants. Extremely good teaching style that keeps students engaged at all times. This professor set the bar for any professor that I will have in the future."

"The Professor brought the concept of Connected Learning to a level above and beyond any other classes I have taken. Business concepts were created, contested, and applied in real life situations that were challenging and led to an overall great learning experience."

"Absolutely brilliant... her energy, passion, and content was top notch!"


Dear Loredana,

I am thoroughly enjoying the content and the format of the course, and your "socratic" and interactive teaching methodology in particular.  Having been a professor and in academia for over 2 decades, I am constantly trying to improve my own teaching methods by keenly observing colleagues and experts such as yourself. 

sincerely, anish

Dear professor,

I find your course very interesting and important for my professional future. It was also interesting because the arguments are very contemporary and the examples are real. Managing concrete facts make a better understanding. Your qualities both as a professor and a woman are very good, from a human and professional point of views, you are like a "role model" to follow. At the beginning, I found the Swiss way of teaching a little complicated, because you interact so much with us and we are used to lecturing, but I immediately understand its utility because it stimulates my attention and my participation in every lesson. Your relation with us is very good, and I like your positive feedbacks.

love, alessandra

Dear Professor,

Thank you for all the support and encouragement throughout the semester. When I enrolled for operations management course, everybody warned me that it is solely a number oriented course. The way you conducted the course by emphasizing more on operational aspects made the course very interesting.  Personally, I believe, most of the MBA students need more orientation on these aspects covered in our course rather than dealing with just numbers. Also, the ethical part of the cases you discussed for Walmart and Katrina and IKEA, were very touching and educative, especially for students from developed countries who get much less chance to know about these socio-economic aspects of corporate decisions. 

Thank you again, Noushin

Professor Padurean,

Just wanted to let you know that I made a presentation today to Family Continuity based upon my group’s ops project and they loved it! They were very appreciative and asked a lot of questions. Just wanted you to know that good things are coming from your class, so thanks!



Dear Professor,

You have truly brought so much warmth and charisma to Brandeis, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience your class and gain knowledge from you. Most importantly however, I am delighted to have been able to meet you, and I look forward to staying in touch post-business school. 

Dear Loredana,

Thank you for an amazing class. I wasn't particularly interested in the topic of Operations at first but you made it very interesting and I enjoyed your class very much. You are an amazing professor and whichever school you choose to continue your career they will be lucky to have you.


Thank you to all my students for their hard work and great participation!