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Action Learning


I am the Faculty Director of Action Learning at Asia School of Business established in collaboration with MIT Sloan, the most innovative MBA in the world. Action Learning is not just an academic tool, but also a corporate learning tool, that helps companies develop their talent pipeline.

What is action learning

Action Learning is the process of learning by doing, of taking the theoretical knowledge taught in class in the field, testing it, observing and reflecting it’s applications. AL is both a class tool but also a corporate learning one.

As a culmination of the ASB MBA journey, 9 teams of students embarked on Action Learning projects focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In the project which spanned 3 months, the teams applied tools learned across their MBA experience into the rigour of creating a new product/service, designing and building prototypes, as well as a corresponding business strategy for their new product/service to meet the needs of their chosen target groups.

Action learning AT ASB

AL is the core learning methodology at Asia School of Business. During each of the 5 semesters, our students undertake action learning projects with our corporate partners all over the world.

Action Learning project for Fall 2016, with EasyUni. Compiled by MBA candidates at the Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan.

Action Learning at ASB can take you anywhere from the sophisticated world of corporate management to the deep jungles of Malayia. This is how we learn!


ASb - the most innovative mba in the world by p&q

“We felt that action learning, clinical work and interaction with companies, was central to where business education was going,” Fine says. “And the Sloan School does a lot of action learning projects. But by being able to take a clean sheet of paper, we were able to design a curriculum around action learning right from the start. So we built our curriculum around MIT courses and projects with companies in Southeast Asia every semester.” Read more on the Poets & Quants site.

Asia School of Business presents Action Learning Symposium '18, Future Lab Interview. Meet Jo Yee from FutureLab! Listen to her incredible eye-opening journey of becoming an Action Learning host and working alongside ASB's MBA students on their Action Learning project.

Into the World - action learning at asb

“To develop transformative leaders, we have to create a transformative experience, so every semester has to include an experience students haven’t had before,” says Padurean. “To create market-ready leaders, we have to expose students to those experiences as early as possible. To teach principles, we have to allow them to observe principled leaders in action.” Read more on the AACSB site. . .

The Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan students on their AL experience.